Blood Red Message


Blood Red Message: Story of Rajula Malusahi is the title of my new latest novel. This is developed on a popular story from hills of Uttarakhand in India.brmcovfull-lite

This is a classical love story from Uttarakhand, passed on to generations in songs and ballets forms.  Rajula, a woman from Bhot, in a chance encounter at the annual fair of Uttaraini loses her heart to Malusahi, a prince in his own way, from a distant land, Bairath.  And, two loving heats part with dreams in their minds and promises in their tongues to unite soon, forever.  But as fate would have it, many things preempted and the girl had to rush back to find her beau in the distant land of unknowns. Haunted by the dreams, pleasant and frightening, she struggles to find her love and braves many dangers on the way to her man’s land. She is married to a man of her father’s choice against her wishes. As she starts accepting the designs of the fate, her man returns to take her with him. Union of two divine souls and two bodies was bound to happen, but, at some other time, place, and universe.


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