Guest Post at B00KR3VI3WS


I pick my stories from my surroundings. I believe that there is no fiction without a lot of reality and no reality without a bit of fiction. Even if the story seems to be borrowed from Moon and Jupiter, the characters, the dialogues, and the communication cannot be altogether alien. Our thought process is inspired and influenced by our daily lives, news articles, movies, and social interaction. 

As my interest in writing fiction is evolving, I feel more comfortable in taking up personal issues, matters of heart, and the jigsaw puzzle called life. My stories have a touch of mysticism and carry fragrance that touches tears, laughter, and other emotions. My stories are constructed on the ground of realism. I think that stories we write should be reliable, trustworthy and should never defy logic. Particularly in literary work, the episodes, the actions, and the transition should be smooth and convincing and not jerky, action filled, and strange logic that like in movies. 

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