Excerpts from ‘Some Mistakes Have No Pardon’

‘How can they come and vanish at will? Take a shape and then melt into nothing?’ Girish asked.
‘Son, you have studied in science books that everything in this universe is made of three particles namely, protons, neutrons, and electrons. Haven’t you?’

“Yes, I have.’ Girish looked up to Dadu in anticipation of what he was going to discover next.

‘The electrons are moving around the neutrons and protons. Everything inside the object is shaking. An idol may seem static to you and to me, but every bit of it is in continuous movement, shaking, shivering, and rotating. If something is in motion, it is not static. It is in a state of vibration. As such each atom is vibrating. If each atom of an object is vibrating, the whole object can said to be vibrating. We come across electricity, telephone signals, etc. which are nothing but energy in the form of electronic waves. Each object in the universe, including man, woman, animals, trees, air, water, sound etc. can be broken down into atoms. These atoms are vibrating. Thus they are waves. Go further…. as sound travels in case of radio and telephone signals, thoughts can also travel in the form of waves. One day, there will definitely be an invention that will transform thoughts into electronic waves that can move an object. Therefore, everything in this universe is a vibrating object, a non-physical energy.’ Pt. Bhatt explained with great details.


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