What is love?


‘You are in love for a few moments, for a few seconds, and for a few minutes.  There is nothing called permanent love or temporary love. Love is love. Love may be for smaller durations…or it may be for longer durations. What people call a permanent love, it is nothing but fantacising about stagnant love.’ She said emphatically.

‘Hmm.’ Girish was dismayed at her explanation and excellent philosophy. He kept looking at her and anticipation more gems.

‘Even otherwise love is not permanent. I repeat. There is nothing called permanent love. Had the love been permanent, there won’t have been divorces after love marriages. Had the love been everlasting, there won’t have been bad blood in the family. Had the love been perennial, there won’t have been murders of wives by husbands and murders of husbands by wives. The moment you enter into love making with an unknown woman, or a fallen woman, as you may like to call her, you start loving her. The moment you touch her, you have fallen in love. In love, you touch her, you caress her, you feel her, you try to imbibe into her, and you try to receive her within you. You assimilate into her, like the Ganges assimilates into Yamuna and create a third self. You won’t ever hurt her in such situation. If this is not love, then what is?’ (Excerpts from ‘Some Mistakes Have No Pardon’ )


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