Novel: Some Mistakes Have No Pardon


‘Because there is no challenge and no sense of achievement at the end of the day, for the kind of job you would be doing.’

‘Well, may be, but I don’t know.’

‘With sense of achievement comes satisfaction. And with satisfaction comes contentment.’

‘Contentment?’ Girish repeated the word as he put stress on his mind.

‘Yes. Contentment is ultimate goal of life. Whatever you do, whatever you achieve, you must be contented in life.’ Seth continued smiling, ‘And contentment should not be linked with the collection of toys – cars, houses etc., and accumulation of reserve bank papers – money.’

‘True.’ Girish laughed.

‘And, all the more, contentment should not be confused with smugness. Contentment does not mean that you stop working and you stop dreaming, and you stop endeavors to achieve your passions. Contentment is being happy despite of the successes and failures.’

‘Means, you should be what you are.’ Girish added.

‘Exactly. Be in yourself. Today, most of us achieve a lot, but we hare hardly contented.’

‘Yes. I understand, sir. You are right.’ Girish said.

‘So you can move on to your next job, just be happy.’ Seth continued, ‘but I think the new generation like you should create jobs, give employment to others than looking for a smug government employment.’

Girish just remained silent. He kept looking at his appointment letter.

‘The society needs more jobs, more employment, and self-sustaining businesses.’ Seth said.

‘But, sir, I feel the socialist pattern of society is better than the capitalist.’ Girish naively said out of his university knowledge, ‘I believe in equality in society – socialism that Karl Marx talked about.’

‘What makes you think so?’ Seth smiled.

‘Because there is wide spread poverty in the country. Some people are rich and much more are poor. Rich are dying premature because of over eating and poor are dying young because of huger. If there is socialism everybody will have equal access to the resources and equal opportunities in our country. The wealth of the world would be shared by all in almost equal proportion. No child will sleep hungry then.’ Girish opened up his mind that transgressed to his own past.


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