Some Mistakes Have No Pardon


The blurb on the back of this novel says ‘ This is a story of a man…before maturing into a man he was a charming boy who, despite of a deprived childhood, grows to riches and achieves professional excellence by his grit and hard work. But before he realizes the designs of destiny, he finds himself struggling to find love, peace, and happiness; and ends up in losing relations after relations amid the compelling pressures of profession, passion, and maladjustment of life.’ But the reality is that this novel is about relationships. RELATIONSHIPS in bold block capital letters! I think the successes and failures in the life of a person depend on how well he or she is able to manage his relations.

All monetary achievements and professional accomplishments are worthless if the relationships are ill managed. When I say relationships, it involves all – relations with parents, relations with children, relations with wife and husband, relations with boss and subordinate, relations with brothers and sisters…and so on. So I believe that the key to happiness is not money accumulations or a plum post in a multinational corporation, but how well we manage our relationships.

Novel - Some Mistakes Have No Pardon

Novel – Some Mistakes Have No Pardon



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