Management Information Systems


Management Information Systems is a comprehensive textbook designed to meet the needs of postgraduate management students. The book elaborates on how information systems (IS), supported by information technology (IT), help businesses gain competitive advantages and meet corporate objectives. With its problem-solving approach and user-friendly presentation, the book will be useful to management students as well as professionals.

Key Features

  • Covers the latest developments in the IT arena and correlates them with problem-solving in the modern business world
  • Includes emerging platforms and technologies such as mobile computing and m-commerce to widen the scope of IT in business management
  • Includes case studies and business problems that illustrate practical situations encountered in the real business world
  • Provides project work under the section MIS Development that helps readers understand the use of IT tools for business decision-making


Part I: Concepts and Structure of MIS

Chapter 1. Concepts of Information Systems
Chapter 2. MIS in Business
Chapter 3. Strategic Advantage of IT

Part II: Information Technology Infrastructure

Chapter 4. Hardware Resources
Chapter 5. Software Resources
Chapter 6. Data Resources
Chapter 7. Networks and Telecommunications

Part III: Information System Applications

Chapter 8. E-business Applications
Chapter 9. Enterprise Systems
Chapter 10. Applications for Service Sector
Chapter 11. E-commerce
Chapter 12. Decision Support Systems
Chapter 13. Knowledge Management and Intelligent Systems
Chapter 14. Mobile Computing and M-commerce

Part IV: Development of MIS

Chapter 15. Information Systems Planning and Development
Chapter 16. Implementing Information Systems

PART V: Management and Challenges of MIS
Chapter 17. Information Security Management
Chapter 18. Ethical and Societal Challenges of IT
Chapter 19. Information Systems Leadership
Chapter 20. Managing Global Systems


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