What made me write…


Having seen fifty summers and rains in the hills of Uttarakhand, India where I spent my childhood and Delhi where I achieved my education, career, and family; I am now unsettled in Mumbai. Lately (though it was hibernating), I have nourished a hobby for writing. During my stint as guest faculty in IRS and Perl Academy in New Delhi in 2007 to speak on IT for students of business, I could not repress the urge to write something for my students. I ended up authoring three academic books for the students of management. Information Technology for Retail (2009) and Management Information Systems (2013) published by Oxford University Press, New Delhi; and co-authored IT in Retail (2012), published by Vikas Publishing Co. Noida.

But, the urge to write did not stop at that. When I was not selling software, I found myself connecting some dots, some incidents that happened around me, around my friends, and around you. The result was: a story in the form of a novel.

The novel is, now, striving to find a home; where it could be polished, presented, and admired.


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