When the priest was blowing conch


Excerpts from ‘Some Mistakes Have No Pardon’

…It was a cloudy evening, not raining heavily, but drizzling. There was no snowfall yet. But the temperature must be touching zero. Freezing cold. The chilled January evening, when the water droplets on the oak leaves was freezing into ice, when the icy winds could freeze rain droplets before they rolled down to cheeks, when the old grannies and grandpas draped in the hand-woven black blankets in those hills were warming their wrinkled hands in the bonfire of dried pine wood, when the sun had sunken him behind the high peaks of a few western mountains of Kumaon, when the pale moon was struggling to show behind the  jamming clouds, when the resident priest of the temple was blowing conch and shaking the brass bell to awake the deity in his evening prayer, when the flock of birds were trying to hide and warm themselves in their nests behind the cedar leaves, when the frogs buried in the bamboo grooves had started their evening cacophony, when the newborns were crying for their mother’s breast milk, when the cows were ruminating in the cowsheds after grazing day long, when the ice-chilled tiles on the floor of the temple were freezing the blood in the bare feet of the bride and the groom on the temple premises in front of the watchful deity, then…only then, Girish put a garland made of black-pearl beads into the neck of Tara, his new bride, dressed in the fiery red attire, in the presence of two taxi drivers, the priest who refused to solemnize the marriage and looked the other side, and the emotions beating marble stone idol of the deity – in that temple at that hill top of Almora.


Some Mistakes Have No Pardon


The blurb on the back of this novel says ‘ This is a story of a man…before maturing into a man he was a charming boy who, despite of a deprived childhood, grows to riches and achieves professional excellence by his grit and hard work. But before he realizes the designs of destiny, he finds himself struggling to find love, peace, and happiness; and ends up in losing relations after relations amid the compelling pressures of profession, passion, and maladjustment of life.’ But the reality is that this novel is about relationships. RELATIONSHIPS in bold block capital letters! I think the successes and failures in the life of a person depend on how well he or she is able to manage his relations.

All monetary achievements and professional accomplishments are worthless if the relationships are ill managed. When I say relationships, it involves all – relations with parents, relations with children, relations with wife and husband, relations with boss and subordinate, relations with brothers and sisters…and so on. So I believe that the key to happiness is not money accumulations or a plum post in a multinational corporation, but how well we manage our relationships.

Novel - Some Mistakes Have No Pardon

Novel – Some Mistakes Have No Pardon


Management Information Systems


Management Information Systems is a comprehensive textbook designed to meet the needs of postgraduate management students. The book elaborates on how information systems (IS), supported by information technology (IT), help businesses gain competitive advantages and meet corporate objectives. With its problem-solving approach and user-friendly presentation, the book will be useful to management students as well as professionals.

Key Features

  • Covers the latest developments in the IT arena and correlates them with problem-solving in the modern business world
  • Includes emerging platforms and technologies such as mobile computing and m-commerce to widen the scope of IT in business management
  • Includes case studies and business problems that illustrate practical situations encountered in the real business world
  • Provides project work under the section MIS Development that helps readers understand the use of IT tools for business decision-making


Part I: Concepts and Structure of MIS

Chapter 1. Concepts of Information Systems
Chapter 2. MIS in Business
Chapter 3. Strategic Advantage of IT

Part II: Information Technology Infrastructure

Chapter 4. Hardware Resources
Chapter 5. Software Resources
Chapter 6. Data Resources
Chapter 7. Networks and Telecommunications

Part III: Information System Applications

Chapter 8. E-business Applications
Chapter 9. Enterprise Systems
Chapter 10. Applications for Service Sector
Chapter 11. E-commerce
Chapter 12. Decision Support Systems
Chapter 13. Knowledge Management and Intelligent Systems
Chapter 14. Mobile Computing and M-commerce

Part IV: Development of MIS

Chapter 15. Information Systems Planning and Development
Chapter 16. Implementing Information Systems

PART V: Management and Challenges of MIS
Chapter 17. Information Security Management
Chapter 18. Ethical and Societal Challenges of IT
Chapter 19. Information Systems Leadership
Chapter 20. Managing Global Systems

What made me write…


Having seen fifty summers and rains in the hills of Uttarakhand, India where I spent my childhood and Delhi where I achieved my education, career, and family; I am now unsettled in Mumbai. Lately (though it was hibernating), I have nourished a hobby for writing. During my stint as guest faculty in IRS and Perl Academy in New Delhi in 2007 to speak on IT for students of business, I could not repress the urge to write something for my students. I ended up authoring three academic books for the students of management. Information Technology for Retail (2009) and Management Information Systems (2013) published by Oxford University Press, New Delhi; and co-authored IT in Retail (2012), published by Vikas Publishing Co. Noida.

But, the urge to write did not stop at that. When I was not selling software, I found myself connecting some dots, some incidents that happened around me, around my friends, and around you. The result was: a story in the form of a novel.

The novel is, now, striving to find a home; where it could be polished, presented, and admired.